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America’s Virtual General Store’s primary purpose is to promote healing of the financial situation in this country by solely promoting goods manufactured or created in the United States of America. This in turn will increase jobs for our citizens and be a force in moving this nation towards financial independence from foreign economies.

AVGS was founded by husband and wife team, Joseph and Virginia Watkins in 2009. They had a vision of a virtual (it only exists on the internet) General Store, modeled after the old general stores that dotted America’s small towns and rural byways in the past century. These small businesses were a way of life for many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. The General Store was a one-stop shop where customers could purchase food items, dry goods, hardware, farm equipment, or order larger or unavailable items from a catalog. Many of these merchants had the old-bubble top gasoline pump outside, where customers would fill up their trucks, automobiles and tractors. These General Stores were the social gathering places for many communities, where news and gossip was shared, mail picked up and sent out, and decisions made. AVGS does not sell gasoline or serve as a Post Office, but we endeavor to recapture the flavor of the old time General Store. We are continually growing, acquiring new partners and setting up accounts. We are very proud to offer such a wide variety of products, from organic cotton shirts and women’s clothing to Lamson & Goodnow fine cutlery. AVGS also offers a venue where American artists and writers can sell their goods: handmade crafts, works of art and publications.

Here on our BLOG we showcase information about US Manufacturers and the products they sell. We’d like to hear from you, our customer. Tell us why you support American products and businesses. Our hope is that our Blog will become a virtual re-creation of the conversations that once took place around the pot belly stove in the center of the old general store.